information about the secure project

The objectives of SECuRe project

  • Develop partnerships amongst stakeholders to develop a high-quality course with a focus on Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
  • Open e-learning platform to make sustainability training available to everyone.
  • Recognition and validation of acquired competencies include gamification aspects.
  • The SECuRe course is designed in cooperation with stakeholders.

SECuRe manager job profile

SECuRe online course is an educational source for responsible employees dealing with sustainability.

Certification framework

SECuRe project aims to create a certification framework for job profile SECuRe manager. In the future, the SECuRe course will be certified with ECVET.

Main target area consists of 5 countries:

  • Poland;
  • Romania;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Spain;
  • Slovenia.

Target groups:

  • VET Providers;
  • International Standard Associations and Providers;
  • Environmental Associations;
  • Local Authorities;
  • Job Find/Creation Associations;
  • Employee Agencies and Associations;
  • VET learners or students in the environment, engineering, manufacturing, process, technology or business management programmes;
  • professionals from industry;
  • financial institutions;
  • public institutions;
  • people interested to enrich their interdisciplinary skills in the field of sustainability;
  • people interested to widener their knowledge in the field of sustainability, CSR and SDG reporting.

SECuRe manager activities:

  • develop and implement sustainability strategies and programs in the company;
  • assess the company’s performance on environmental, social and governance performance;
  • set appropriate ESG goals, targets, assess and report on their achievement;
  • evaluate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals;
  • apply requirements of sustainability legislation and standards;
  • elaborate on Corporate Social Reporting.

Project outcomes

Training course Knowledge repository E-learning platform Implementation


environmental social and corporate governance